Polygon Arcade Racers And Car Combat Meet In Racing Apex



    Racing Apex mingles the simplicity of arcade racers with the mayhem of vehicular combat games, completing the package with the retro polygon look of games like Virtua Racer.




    Players can choose from several drivers, each with their own preferred style of car, and from over thirty modifiable vehicles. More vehicles will continue to be added to the game over development, and each of these cars will show the damage they receive as they’re shot and smashed along the track.



    Vehicles can be customized to the player’s taste, taking them down different classes that will focus on handling, speed or defense. The player can also customize the look of their preferred vehicle, changing out paint jobs, bumpers, hoods, and the interior.




    Players can choose whether or not to use weapons/items during local or online races. If they opt into them, they can use rockets, machine guns, oil slicks, and other tools to knock out the competition while using instant repairs to keep themselves in the race. Players also have a choice from several race types that encourage speed or destruction in various ways.




    Racing Apex is set to release in early 2017, and has started Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns.

    Alistair Wong
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