Pop Some Puyos With These New Puyo Puyo Rings


Good Smile Company, which is known for its figures, has launched a line of Puyo Puyo-themed rings. These rings will be available at electronic stores all across Japan as capsule toys. Additionally, Good Smile Company plans to have them retail for ¥300 (~$2.80). [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Good Smile Company has decided to release five different colors of the jelly-like Puyos. Colors include red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. Additionally, they all feature different facial expressions, ranging from happy to angry. Also, each Puyo has a different numbers of blobs with it. Rather than making these rings flat, Good Smile Company has made full formed Puyos made PVC plastic. This lends to that round, blob-like effect that Puyos have in the games.

Recently, Puyo Puyo has gotten a lot of attention, including some Zoom backgrounds and a collaboration with Phantasy Star Online 2 involving Mags. In 2019, Puyo Puyo partnered with Sakura Warsin a crossover set in Puyo Puyo Quest.

Sega Ages Puyo Puyo 2 recently launched on the Nintendo Switch on February 20, 2020 too. The game came with quality of life adjustments, including a colorblind mode and the ability to rewind.

The official Good Smile Company’s page shows the Puyo rings, which are available now.

Mercedez Clewis
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