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Popo & Nana Take On A "Climbing Challenge" In Super Mario Maker



In an earlier post, we mentioned that Popo & Nana, also known as the Ice Climbers, would be getting their own costume in Super Mario Maker. The costume, along with its corresponding stage, are now available. Once players finish the “Popo & Nana’s Climbing Challenge” Event Course, they will unlock the Ice Climbers costume.


Here’s the official description for the course:


“The retro world of Ice Climber comes to Super Mario Maker! Smash your way upward through the blocks, but beware of enemies blocking your path – ascending this perilous peak won’t be a simple task! How quickly can you reach the summit?”


GameXplain has also played through the Ice Climber’s Event Course, so you can see it and the costume in action in the video below.


Super Mario Maker is available for the Wii U.