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PoPoLoCrois Farm Story’s Famitsu Limited Edition Has A Bunch Of Extra Goodies



Japanese video game magazine Famitsu occasionally get their own limited edition bundles for games, and their latest is with PoPoLoCrois Farm Story, the upcoming 3DS collaboration between Marvelous’ Harvest Moon (Story of Seasons) and the PoPoLoCrois series.


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The first item of the PoPoLoCrois Farm Story Famitsu DX Pack is a set of two clear folders that shows some of the main characters and artwork from the game.


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Next, is a look at the exclusive PoPoLoCrois Farm Story mug that features a Prince Pietro design.


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And finally, the bundle’s third item is a Prince Petro plush that stands at 23cm (9 inches) tall, and can only be obtained through the Famitsu pack.



The official Twitter account for the game also shared a look at the Prince Pietro mobile phone strap, which will be included as a bonus item for all first-print copies of the game.


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PopoLoCrois Farm Story will release in Japan on June 18, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS. The Famitsu bundle will cost 9,300 yen.

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