Popolocrois: Narcia’s Tears And The Fairy’s Flute Comes Out May 8, 2018


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Sega recently announced that the new PoPoLoCrois mobile game, PoPoLoCrois: Narcia’s Tears and the Fairy’s Flute, will be coming out on May 8, 2018. More character details and a new trailer have also been shown off. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Here’s the latest 30-second trailer:



Here’s a look at the character designs from the upcoming game:

Princess Jilva (CV: Mika Kanai)

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The eldest princess of the Romana Kingdom. She’s kind, endearing, and loved by her people. She’s positive, bright, and loves Prince Pietro. She also treats spending time with others as something very important.


Using the royal fighting techniques, she fights like she is dancing and doesn’t let anything scare her.


Gon (CV: Tomokazu Sugita)

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One of the captains of the castle guard of Popolocrois Castle, Toto Gonzales. He’s nicknamed “Gon”. His family has served in the Popolocrois army for many generations, and he is a serious man born into such an elite family. As a captain, he looks after his soldiers and new recruits well.


Don is his longtime friend, and they look after each other through thick and thin.


Don (CV: Yuichi Nakamura)

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The other captain of the Popolocrois castle guard, Coco Donperio. He’s nicknamed “Don” and hails from the small village of Takinen near the castle town. He’s the laid-back mood maker of the duo.


His hobby is tasting various local cuisines. He falls in love easily, but Gon’s always there to bring him back to reality.


Kirara (CV: Ikue Otani)


The daughter of Minister Maugham in the Popolocrois Kingdom. She studies the creation of magic items at the castle’s magic laboratory. She’s bright and can get along with anybody. She longs to go outdoors, but heeds her father’s wishes and doesn’t stray beyond the walls of the castle town.


Olga (CV: Shiro Mikami)


The female knight who leads the guards under the Romana Chivalric Order. Her grace when swinging a lance has led her to be called “the beauty among the knights”. She’s got a strong sense of responsibility and is strict in her duties, but does look after her subordinates.


She’s highly esteemed, but has a stubborn side to her where nothing can change her mind when she’s set her mind to doing something. She likes children and wishes to protect their smiles.


Mel (CV: Satomi Korogi)


A scatterbrained, but overbearing magic user from the Warlock Beast Kingdom. Mel can be very proactive and determined, and she likes any living thing. She’s the leader and trainer of Team Warlock, who has been sent from the Warlock Kingdom for the Varnas Cup.


She’s also very fussy about healthiness and will actively lecture people if she finds that they aren’t caring for their health.


Zappa (CV: Tsuyoshi Koyama)


A dragon who is living away from the Dragon Kingdom. He’s got a tough body that stops most attacks in its tracks, and is currently wandering the world in search of his brothers.


Zappa loves tasty food, and perhaps this has to do with his strong sense of smell. He’s strong, but so laid-back that he even takes his time when battling enemies.


Foria (CV: Maaya Uchida)


A magic user who serves under the Fairy Queen Midea. She’s a fairy who will do anything to protect her liege. Despite that, she usually sports a calm demeanor.


Foria is also very curious about the outer world, and is often guilty of sneaking out of the woods. She was raised together with Siris like sisters, so she trusts Siris deeply.


Shiva (CV: Yoko Hikasa)


The user of the Fairy’s Flute, who has a calm disposition. Although she has been taught that interacting with humans will bring forth a great disaster, she still likes to talk to Lucia, a girl who comes to Arlon Forest to pick herbs.


PoPoLoCrois: Narcia’s Tears and the Fairy’s Flute is in development for iOS and Android. It will release in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. You can pre-register for the game by following the Twitter account here.

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