Popular Japanese Cat Collection Game Neko Atsume Gets Its Own Toys



One of the most popular games to have come out of Japan in the past year is Neko Atsume – the iOS cat collecting game. It’s seen success in Japan and, somewhat surprisingly, throughout the rest of the world despite never being localized.


Riding on the coattails of the game’s success, Philippines-based company Hubbyte Toys and Collectibles has announced that it’s taking pre-orders for a Neko Atsume playset (thanks BoingBoing). Included are a range of the game’s cats, a pop-up playpen, and a couple of smaller pieces including a food bowl and various cat beds.


You can buy the playset for 1500 Philippine pesas, which is about $32, so if you want to bring the cute world of Neko Atsume out of your touchscreen and into your own perhaps give it a look.

Chris Priestman