Popular Japanese Princess Card Game Heart Of Crown Is Getting An English Version


Popular Japanese deck building game Heart of Crown is being published in the west by Culture Select, who plans on bringing it to Steam and Manga Gamer.

Currently, the English version of Heart of Crown is on Kickstarter and has smashed its funding goal of $10,000. It’s also available for you to vote for on Steam Greenlight.

Culture Select remarks that the physical version of Heart of Crown has proven popular in Japan with over 50,000 units sold. It plans on retaining the spirit of the original but to also use the advantages of the digital medium in the English version. This includes having online ranked play, campaign play, and free play, as well as visual and audio effects designed to enhance the experience.

The concept behind Heart of Crown starts with a back story: “The Emperor has suddenly passed away, leaving seven heirs to the royal throne. Which princess will you promote in this battle of succession? Who will save the land from chaos and a war for the Crown!?”

The idea is for you to support a princess as she attempts to take the royal throne for herself. It’s for two to four players and takes between 30 to 40 minutes to play a full game. The English version should be available by the end of 2016.

Chris Priestman