Popular Translator Of Japanese Horror Games Releases Her Own



Being the Japanese-to-English translator for popular freeware horror games such as The Witch’s House, Mad Father, Ib, and The Crooked Man ( all of which can be found here) has meant that vgperson has become famed in some circles.


Now she has released her own “semi-horror adventure game” called Libretta. It’s not the first game that vgperson has created but it her first horror-themed game, so it’s notable for that, considering all the horror games she has translated. It focuses on puzzles and exploration, mostly. Oh, and don’t worry, there are no jump scares.


The description of Libretta goes like this: “A girl becomes lost during what was only a regular visit to the library. Guide Libra through. Help her find what she’s looking for. So that no one will have to be lost.”


You can download Libretta right here. If you want a walkthrough then it’s available at the bottom of its website.

Chris Priestman