Position Cameras To Keep Creepy Francisca At Bay



Players will need to carefully position a collection of security cameras around their house, keeping an eye out for the strange, child-like monster that’s snuck inside in Francisca.




In Francisca, which is raising votes on Steam Greenlight, the main character has just gotten a house on the outskirts of town for a cheap price. This bodes as well as it normally would in a horror title, as a shadowy young girl soon begins to appear in windows. Soon after, she begins to appear in the house.




Players will get to position a handful of cameras themselves, choosing how to best keep an eye on their surroundings. They can access them through the main character’s tablet, observing several areas at once from any given position in the house. They’ll need to avoid making contact with the child spirit across seven nights, being rewarded with bits of storyline and background for every evening they survive.

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