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Possessing Dead Heroes Helps Players Stay In The Fight In Beat ‘Em Up Die for Valhalla!


Beat ‘em up Die for Valhalla! will have players guiding valkyries across the battlefield, using them to possess dead heroes to use against their enemies. Should that body fall, all the player needs to do is grab a new corpse and keep going.


Die for Valhalla! mixes Norse mythology with a Lovecraft slant, pitting vikings against horrors from beyond reality. Up to four players can tackle these creatures together (locally), each guiding a supernatural valkyrie around the varied stages and battlefield, possessing dead heroes to use to fight with. Possession isn’t limited to heroes, though, as players can unlock abilities to possess enemies and items as well, adding to their combat options.

There are many possible warriors to put to use in Die for Valhalla! as well. Over ten clans have varied bonuses they offer to warriors under them, as well as access to certain members of the game’s seven unique viking classes, each of which plays differently. On top of this, several deadly creatures can become the player’s companion, offering further abilities that will help in a fight.


Players who wish for a lighter experience can play through the game’s standard beat ‘em up mode, which offers friendly revivals and a large, generated world to explore. The game’s roguelike mode, though, is a shorter experience, but is much more difficult and features mysterious potions that can have good or bad effects.

Die for Valhalla! is available now on Steam, the Nintendo eShop, the PlayStation Store, and the Microsoft Store.

Alistair Wong
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