The Metal Max series takes place in a wasteland where players guide a group of soldiers, hunters, mechanics, artists, wrestlers, or nurses. Player controlled characters can drive vehicles and use them in battles against mutants. You also have a dog, Pochi, on your team who is a NPC, but still joins battles. Being a dog, Pochi cannot drive, but who needs to drive when you have a Gatling gun backpack.



Metal Max 2 Reloaded is a Nintendo DS remake of a Super Famicom game from Data East. This version has some features from Metal Max 3 like wacky wanted monsters for players to hunt like sand sharks and a man with a pink Mohawk and flamethrower gloves named Ted Broiler.


Enterbrain, the publisher of Famitsu, put together a limited edition which includes the Nintendo DS game, a two disc sound track, four metal Wanted plates, and an original comic called "Unforgettable Person" from series artist Atsuji Yamamoto. Metal Max 2 Reloaded comes out on December 18.

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