Post-Christmas Presents: Something To Mega Up Your Office Desk


You saw the preview thumbnail right. That’s Mega Man! Now available on the Capcom e-Store, this is classic Mega Man done up in Nanoblocks. Nanoblocks are kinda like Legos, but way, way tinier. Mega tiny. While that makes them obnoxiously easy to lose, they do allow you to form much more intricate models for those with not much space to display them—like if you want to spice up your office desk.

Mega Man comes with his E-Tank, energy refill and special weapon meter refill, and can be posed in one of two ways  either in his trademark pose or shooting his energy shots. Cutman is the featured baddie. It’s possible to remove Cutman’s head and use it with a stand to make it appear as if he’s throwing his signature weapon as well as some classic minions. Both are available for 1,890 yen (US$19) and are about 60 and 80mm in size. Yes, very tiny but still Mega powerful.



Mega Man can be had here, while Cutman is over here.