Power Stone’s Developers Still Wants To Make Another Game In The Series


power stone

In an interview with UK’s The Guardian, Power Stone producer Takashi Tezuka and designer Hideaki Itsuno talked about the arcade and Dreamcast title Power Stone, such as how it slowly moved away from being like Street Fighter, and his hope to create another one.


Here are the highlights:

On differentiating Power Stone from Street Fighter:

Takashi Tezuka, producer: “The game started as a Street Fighter-style side-view fighting game where you would push the stick twice in a direction to move into or out of the screen. It was only halfway through development that it changed to an overhead view. I remember how great it felt once we’d got the game to a place where it seemed completely different from Street Fighter.”


On cut modes thanks to the strict deadline:

Hideaki Itsuno, designer: “There was a Bomberman-esque mode where the only items on the stage were bombs, and you’d slide them around to hit each other. There was also a puzzle mode where you had to use boxes and other items to reach the power stone placed craftily on the stage. And a mode where you could play in first-person perspective! If only we’d had another fortnight, maybe we could have packed it all in …”


On a new game in the series:

Tezuka: “I still get messages from fans about the game. People tweet requests to me to make another Power Stone, which I’d love to do if I got the chance. It would be a particularly great fit for the Nintendo Switch.”


Power Stone released on the Sega Dreamcast.

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