Practice and Enforce Social Distancing With Social Distancing – The Game

Social Distancing The Game Japanese Indie Game

A Japanese indie title that lets you practice and enforce social distancing is taking the Japanese Twitter-sphere by storm. Created by Twitter user Motulo, Social Distancing – The Game tasks players with the goal of enforcing social distancing. Players take the role of the mayor of Tokyo as you actively seek out groups to push apart. In the gameplay video below, you can even catch a glimpse of the mayor flying to the top of skyscraper to help non-player characters social distance. [Thanks, Automaton Media!]

Motulo talked in the Twitter thread about how they created this game using Unity and and assets like the POLYGON – City Pack found within the Unity store. While this is game is currently not available to download, as it is still in development, Motulo did link to their inspiration for this title.

Social Distancing – The Game by Twitter user miseromisermiseromisero was a major inspiration. miseromisero’s 2D version of the indie game is available to play in English through your browser. This game also tasks you with keeping non-player characters at arms length. However, the mechanics are much more simple and only allow you to click at the pedestrians to keep them away.

Since the government has effectively put Japan in a lockdown, several game developers have issued statements regarding potential delays in future content. This includes Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers 5.3 patch. Studios like Kojima Productions are also working remotely during this time.

Social Distancing – The Game is immediately available through your browser. The 3D version by Motulo will be available sometime in the near future.

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