Practice Your Child-Throwing Skills In New Dad Quest Demo



A new demo has released alongside the Steam Greenlight campaign for sidescrolling action game Dad Quest in hopes to demonstrate how a well-thrown child can be a deadly weapon.




The main offensive power in Dad Quest is the thrown child. They can be used to clobber enemies, and over time, will grow in strength depending on their personality and class. This can mean gaining elemental abilities through the scholar class, or doing more close quarters damage with the jock class. They can also be taught new skills by being thrown through the windows of schools and gyms.



Dads can handle themselves on their own as well. Dads, which come in various shapes, sizes, and genders, can learn special abilities that increase their mobility and make them a little tougher in combat. Should a dad fall, his child will have to grow up and take on the adventure themselves, raising their own new child to throw.


700320382_preview_Child toys


Various toys and heirlooms can be found along the way to Dad Island, each of which offers extra abilities and strengths. Players can only equip two per character, though.




Dad Quest has no release date listed on its Greenlight campaign.

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