Pre-Order This New Line of Kingdom Hearts Watches by U-Treasure Now


A line of Kingdom Hearts watches by Japanese retailer U-Treasure are now available to pre-order. This special line of watches has been designed to reflect the various motifs of the series. The watches will be available in two colors, white and black, and will cost 27,500 or roughly $. The Kingdom Hearts U-Treasure watches are expected to ship on December 25, 2020. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Additionally, each watch will come with a special carrying pouch. This pouch will have the Kingdom Hearts logo printed on the front. The watches themselves, as mentioned above, come in two designs. Each design will come with its own unique watch face and dial to match the appropriate color scheme. The watch faces themselves will have the Keyblade, heart, and Mickey Mouse icons associated with the franchise.

You can take a look at the Kingdom Hearts  U-Treasure watches below.

Unfortunately, this line Kingdom Hearts watches is only available to purchase through the official U-Treasure website, which means that these will only be available to Japanese consumers.

However, for fans abroad, the Kingdom Hearts Ultimania will receive an English print. The Ultimania will cover a majority of the games set before the events of Kingdom Hearts III. Additionally, a Kingdom Hearts III Ultimania is in the works. However, it currently only be available in Japanese.

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