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How To Prepare For Dragon’s Crown Pro Multiplayer Adventures


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Dragon’s Crown Pro is a game that you can play alone. If you do, you will probably have quite a bit of fun. But the really great moments come from working with other people. Whether you have three other people joining you locally or online, you get a chance to make the most of dungeon runs and have opportunities to get great rewards. But in case you are starting the game for the first time or coming back after a hiatus, there are a few things to remember when heading into Dragon’s Crown Pro.


The first thing to know is that people starting Dragon’s Crown Pro fresh will not be able to start playing online right away. Depending on how quickly you proceed through the introductory elements, it will probably be about four or five hours before you can start playing with other people. The game is balanced enough so you should have no trouble dealing with things alone or with AI allies until this point. But if you are coming to the game for the first time and are finding your footing, the Amazon, Dwarf and Fighter are good starter classes. Also, during this time, be sure to visit the Adventurers Guild and take as many quests as you can, as these will give you experience and skill points you can use to build up your character.


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Once you are able to get online, there are two options for playing with others. You can go with friends or search for a random room. If you can get together some actual friends, Dragon’s Crown Pro can really shine. This means you can start planning strategies and organizing a party that takes advantage of different situations. The Elf is fantastic for dealing with bosses, due to Salamander Oil or Toxic Extract that allows her to add effects to her arrows. The Sorceress and Wizard are squishy, but work great in a group due to their powerful spells, ability to spawn an AI ally and even the ability to summon food for the rest of the party.


I like to try for a group where there are two characters who can deal damage and take more damage and two ranged characters. So a group with an Amazon, Elf, Knight and Wizard could be great. This way, the Amazon and Knight can get in the face of opponents, while the Elf and Wizard hang back. The Elf can hit and run when she is not shooting her arrows. The Wizard can create a golem buddy from some wood and use spells. But this does not mean you have to adhere to specific makeups. As long as everyone is comfortable, you will be fine. Even a group with four Sorceresses can do fine. Just remember to let a Sorceress or Wizard in your group have first dibs on piles of bones and wooden boxes when they do not have a familiar on hand, as they will need those materials to spawn a buddy.


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When online adventuring becomes the norm, there are a few things you should do before each outing. Preparation is important. Stop by the Canaan Temple first. You will want to pray to get an effect that will be in effect for the whole run. The Paladin’s Prayer is good if you need more weapons. People having trouble surviving should go with Life Protection, Bountiful Protection or Heaven’s Protection to add between one and three life points. After that, stop in Morgan’s Magic Item Shop to make sure every item in all of your bags is completely repaired. Having all three bags set is important too. Once that is done, go to the Stables and head out. Being certain everything is set is critical, because if things go well you will be out for a while.


That is because adventuring for as long as you can is ideal in Dragon’s Crown Pro. Chain runs are the key to getting high scores, lots of experience, gold and good loot. The longer you go, the greater the spoils. Since durability will eventually become an issue, switching to different bags will let you continue without losing power. Chain Runs are also the way to unlock cooking segments at camp, where you can combine ingredients and tend pans or pots to make food and dole it out to party members to improve their stats.


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You will only camp and get to cook after the Ancient Temple, Ghost Ship Cove and Old Capital. The recipe you make and bonus earned depends on the main ingredient cooked, the type of utensil used to prepare it and seasoning added. Say I continue on after Ghost Ship Cove, find myself in the camp, grab the herring to make for my character, and put it in a pan. This will make a deep-fried herring. If I add salt, it will get an even higher boost. Just remember to pop a main ingredient and garnish in a pan, stir it, serve it to yourself and click on your plate to eat it and aid your chain.


Dragon’s Crown Pro is a game that you will probably want to play with friends and other people as soon as you can. Just remember to try and make the most of sessions. Prepare your character before each excursion. Know what role your character is good at. Focus on Chain Runs. Be ready to cook food for yourself and others at camp sections. If you know what you are doing and cooperate with other people, you could have a fun time.


Dragon’s Crown Pro will come to the PlayStation 4 on May 15, 2018. Dragon’s Crown is available for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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