Prepare for Trouble With Gundam Zeon Themed Emergency Rations

Gundam emergency rations

The Gundam Cafe has started selling Principality of Zeon emergency rations from Premium Bandai. They cost 7344 JPY (around $67) for 10 cans, and for every 10 cans, you can get a box that looks like an actual Zeon supply box. Pre-orders opened on September 1, 2021 but the Gundam emergency rations will ship out in January 2022. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The emergency rations are actually Kanpan hard tack biscuits. The Gundam version features large pieces of rock sugar inside the can, as well. Each can is dark green, with the Zeon symbol and name on it. This means that even if you decide to eat the Kanpan biscuits, you can still use the empty can as a piece of merchandise to display.

According to the official website, these emergency rations are designed so that you can feel like you are a soldier or civilian in Zeon, while also serving a practical purpose as actual emergency rations. The Gundam Kanpan rations are only available from the Japanese Premium Bandai store and not the US one.

Other pieces of Mobile Suit Gundam merchandise from Premium Bandai include slippers that make your feet look like mobile suits. Pre-orders for them have closed, though, and they will ship out in October 2021. Though not Premium Bandai, Strict-G is selling items such as hard shell suitcases, with pre-orders closing on September 6, 2021.

The Mobile Suit Gundam Principality of Zeon Kanpan emergency rations are open for pre-order from Premium Bandai Japan. They have a release window of January 2022.

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