Prepare To Join The Bydo With Good Smile’s Dobkeratops Figma From R-Type


dobkeratops 1

Good Smile Company revealed a sculpt of a figma for Dobkeratops back in July’s Wonder Fest 2018, and the currently-ongoing Miyazawa Model Festival has brought new photos of the memorable boss from R-Type. [Thanks, aminews!]


Check out some photos below:

dobkeratops 2

dobkeratops 1

dobkeratops 3


Dobkeratops is the boss of the first stage in R-Type, and appears on the game’s cover as well. Thanks to its popularity, it’s reappeared throughout the series in some form in every game.

The figure will recreate Dobkeratops pose and look from the original game, and will seemingly come with a clear white R-9A Arrowhead.


Currently, the Dobkeratops figma does not have an announced release date or price.

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