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Preview: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai Mobile Game Is Surprisingly Strategic

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Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai is gradually growing in notoriety worldwide. Dai appeared as a playable character in Jump Force. The 2020 anime adaptation simulcast appears via Crunchyroll and Hulu. And now, Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds mobile game is getting a worldwide release. It’s a lot to take in, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the story. Fortunately, as far as the mobile game goes, it’s easy to jump into and begin playing.

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Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds begins by offering both an excuse to retell Dai’s story and create a self-insertion avatar for the player. Dragon Tracks follows Dai, Popp, Maam in their own world and adventure. Bonding Journey takes place in Milladosia, a parallel world to it inhabited by the player and pink Dracky Pinky. Dai, Popp, and such are pulled into there to deal with problems in that realm, since they endanger their own. Now, granted, it isn’t a perfect retelling of the original tale. For example, the game’s tutorial begins when Dai is already training with Avan and Hadlar appears. But it offers abbreviated episodes to help people catch up.

Seeing a video of the Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai mobile game’s battle system makes it seem deceptively simple. Especially since you have the counter ticking down how many minutes you have left at the top and you know the round will be under five minutes. Characters run along three lanes constantly, automatically using standard attacks against foes in front of them once they reach certain points. Depending on their weapon, their attack might have an increased reach. For example, Dai’s sword right away could have a slash that could hit the enemy directly in front and foes to the left and right. The avatar’s initial lance has a poking attack that can hit the enemy behind the one you’re attacking.

That’s that range that plays into the strategic elements. The game comes down to more than being in the correct lane. You have to pay attention. Yes, standard attacks happen automatically. But you might see indicators to use one of your skills to counter or head off an enemy’s stronger attack. When a foe is going to use a major skill, the area of effect your “side” of the field will have a red outline so you could hold to bring up a shield to guard or swipe to move out of range. You have opportunities to use special skills, which can be acquired and improved by getting equipment from the gacha. You have support allies you can pull in for an attack. And, while you start off in a “beginner” mode, there are eventual intermediate and advanced difficulty options for quests to offer a greater challenge.

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There’s also a vocational system to consider. Hero, mage, priest, and warrior classes are available for the avatar, each with their own equipment, skills, stats, and ability board. So determining your role can change capabilities for situations ahead. Other characters also have their own Ally Boards, which in tern influence their own stats and strengths.

What I also appreciated in this early phase, perhaps also because of how freely gems flowed during the test, how it handles its gacha. You equip weapons and armor. When you head into a mission, you even see your group’s power level at the bottom. But you’re also don’t have to worry about characters being locked away that way. For example, you begin the tutorial with just Dai, and Popp is around. When you start going through the story, you have your avatar at your side and able to swap with Dai and Popp as an ally. After getting to a certain point in both storylines, Maam joins your group after a Bonding Journey event. So yes, it seems like the sort of game where you’ll have to build up equipment and grind some for success, but at least allies won’t come at a cost.

The Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai mobile game seems like the sort that could occasionally make you think. There won’t be Fire Emblem Heroes levels of strategy here. But you will have to think about when it might be a good idea to have certain allies on the field, positioning, and what role your avatar should play. It could help add a bit of depth to the experience.

The Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds’ closed beta test is live outside Japan, and the game will launch globally “soon.”

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