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Prey Demo At QuakeCon Shows Off Morgan’s Abilities, Alien Enemies, And Crafting



QuakeCon 2016 opened this weekend with several new trailers and announcements from Bethesda. Included in the fanfare was the first gameplay trailer for Arkane Studios’ Prey, which was unveiled at E3 earlier this summer. The first-person action game puts players in the shoes of Morgan Yu, a man with alien abilities as a result of questionable experimentation.


Those attending QuakeCon also got to take in a new gameplay demo presentation led by Prey’s Co-creative Director Raphael Colantonio and Lead Designer Ricardo Bare. In the demo, the team showed off the enemies in greater detail, gave a brief look at the crafting system, and showcased some of Morgan’s key abilities.




As explained by Anne Lewis, an associate content manager at Bethesda, Typhon are the alien enemies aboard the space station. In the demo, two kinds of Typhon are prominently shown: Mimics and Phantoms. Mimics are small creatures that blend in by morphing into everyday objects. Phantoms are larger, shadow-like entities that can seemingly teleport.


Morgan can watch and learn new abilities from the different kinds of Typhon. Once learned, abilities can be chained. Lewis goes into detail about how this is portrayed in the demo.


“In the demo, we saw Morgan transform himself into a coffee cup in order to slip through a small opening and enter a room he otherwise would not have been able to access. Later, Morgan became a round Recycler Charge – a special grenade that turns the matter around it (including certain enemies) into craftable resources – and rolled past some hostile Operator bots.”


“After transforming into the Recycler Charge in the demo, Morgan used the Kinetic Blast power to rocket into the air, reaching an elevated overhang while remaining undetected by the Operators. Kinetic Blast is another of Morgan’s alien powers, learned by studying one of the Phantoms’ methods of attack. It can also be used in combat to push away anything within range while dealing a chunk of damage.


As far as the crafting system goes, Morgan can break down the items found in the space station to obtain the resources necessary to build tools and weapons using devices called Fabricators. During the demo, Morgan builds a propulsion system to help him navigate in zero g areas.




Prey is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2017.