EVA-13 Evangelion Statue Priced at $1500 Revealed by Prime 1 Studios

EVA-13 Evangelion Statue

Prime 1 Studios has announced a new Rebuild of Evangelion statue that depicts a non-scale version of UDMEVA-04: Evangelion 13. This statue represents the newest entry to Prime 1 Studios’ Ultimate Diorama Masterline series.

Evangelion 13 is based on the appearance of its Awakened Form during the events of Evangelion: 3.0. While the images on the statue’s sales page are of prototypes rather than the final project, we do know some of the features that are currently planned for the final version of the product. Assuming nothing changes, the UDMEVA-O4: Evangelion 13 statue will have eight swappable arms, a base modeled after the core of Central Dogma, a the Spears of Longinus.

The UDMEVA-04: Evangelion 13 statue is currently available for pre-order and is expected to release in the second or third quarter of 2022. Pre-orders require a deposit of $159.90, which will be applied to the final price of $1599.00.

Evangelion has also been the basis for other recently announced products. At the moment, a line of Tamagotchi based on the series is available for pre-order, SSD and HDDs featuring Evangelion designs are expected to ship in March, 2021, and an Evangelion Entry Plug body pillow was just made available to purchase in Osaka, Tokyo, Shinjuku, and online.

Benjamin Maltbie
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