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Each Princess In Your Four Princess Knights Training Story Uses A Different Weapon


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While the four princesses in Your Four Princess Knights Training Story all share the same control scheme, each of them use a different weapon, and Liliati and Veronica’s different modes of attacks were shown off today at 4gamer.



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liliati 1 liliati 2

Liliati uses a two handed axe and a standard, close range attacking style. She has a Dash Attack which damages enemies as she moves forward, which could help out in a pinch if she is surrounded. She can also throw her axe forward, and this throw attack can be charged for bigger damage.



veronica 1

veronica 2 veronica 3

Veronica is a mage, which means that she can be harder to use. However her attacks are powerful and have a wide range. She can set up a frog-shaped time bomb to set up delayed attacks, and use magic attacks that increase in damage as her parameters go up.


Blockmanmahou shoujo


The troops that the princess and main character lead have many different classes, including Blockmen, Mahou Shoujo, Gunners, and Hawkmen. Blockmen (top left) attack with close range attacks and are strong against Mahou Shoujo. Mahou Shoujo attack at range with powerful magic, and work especially well against Gunners. Gunners shoot from afar, and can shoot down Hawkmen from the sky. Finally, Hawkmen round out the circle by being effective against Blockmen.



strategy 1

strategy 2 strategy 3

The troops usually follow the commander, but they can take specific actions using ‘Missions’. Each commander has different Missions they can order, but some Missions cannot be used unless the Dominance percentage goes up, which is done through taking over facilities on the field and defeating enemies.


Commanders can also make troops do a ‘Command Attack’ which can make the troop rush far away enemies, or surround an attack and enemy, or so on. However, using these too often will cause them to slow down, and stagger more easily from enemy attacks.



empress thornempress thorn 2

mana tower 1 mana tower 2

abyss smile abyss smile 2

Relics are structures that can be taken over for various battle effects against the enemy. Empress Thorns will capture and pin down enemies nearby, Mana Towers will restore MP to the capturers, and the Abyss Smile will spew out flames from its eyes and mouth.


capture 1 capture 2

Relics are used by disabling them by staying nearby. They can be set up as traps after capture as well.


Your Four Princess Knights Training Story releases in Japan on January 25, 2018 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

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