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Princess Maker 3: Faery Tales Come True Releases On Switch With Text, UI, And Even Aging Bugs


Korean publisher CFK released Princess Maker 3: Faery Tales Come True earlier this week on Nintendo Switch, but it has been a rough launch period, with people complaining about badly translated text, as well as bugs galore.

Firstly, the port seems to not have corrected much of the stilted and broken English translation, and Korean text seems to appear here and there. Additionally, Japanese users have mentioned bugs cropping up such as not being able to open menus, stat improvement indicators and the menu not showing up properly, and the music suddenly stopping.

The most extreme bug of all is one where the main character’s daughter can seem to stop aging completely. This has happened to two players‘ daughters, who reached 10 years of age but never grew older, no matter how many years passed afterwards. This essentially soft-locked the game for them.


Publisher CFK has noticed, and announced that fixes are coming, although it will take time to get together. It seems that the sad dads who bumped into issues will need to wait a while longer before they can continue to raise their kid who refuses to grow up.

Princess Maker 3: Faery Tales Come True is available on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam (as HD Remaster).

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