Princess Maker 5 Heading To Steam


princess maker 5


Another Princess Maker game is being localized. CFK Co. Ltd. is bringing Princess Maker 5 to PCs via Steam. The first,, second and third games are already immediately available.


Princess Maker 5 shakes up the formula in a number of ways. For one, players can choose to be either a father or mother raising the daughter over the course of eight years in Japan. You are raising a young girl from a parallel kingdom to eventually take on her role as a princess, then queen. (Cube remains as a butler.) You can better dictate the daughter’s schedule by determining her meal plan, allowance schedule, time she needs to return home from school, her studying and play schedules, her etiquette, how she acts towards others, how she works on a team with others and her thought process. She now must attend public school, instead of having the option to go to classes or work. There is also a Motion of Emotion (MOE) system, where you can check on her condition and talk to her as she is playing or moving around her room.


An initial trailer has been released, looking at the translation and gameplay.



Princess Maker 5 originally appeared on PCs in 2007, with PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable ports appearing in 2008.

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