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Princess Maker-Like Ciel Fledge Will Let Nintendo Switch And PC Players Raise A Daughter In A Post-Apocalyptic World


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A new Princess Maker-like game has been announced. Studio Namaapa and PQube are working on Ciel Fledge for the Nintendo Switch and PC. In Fall 2019, people will be able to help a young girl named Ciel find a better life.


Ciel Fledge is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Aliens known as Gigant have completely destroyed the earth, forcing everyone to live in floating ARKs. Somehow, while on the planet’s surface, you come across an abandoned girl named Ciel. You bring her to ARK-3 and raise her as your daughter.


As a Princess Maker-like, this means managing every element of her life until she turns 18. You decide her school schedule, assign her part-time jobs to help her support herself and learn skills, watch as she makes friends, talk to her, and help her grow into a hopefully successful individual. Your decisions determine what will happen to her and what sort of ending she will get. Also, each playthrough might turn out differently, since possessing certain skill sets and pursuing different goals will change what events she might experience.



Here is the Ciel Fledge trailer. It shows the player meeting Ciel for the first time, before heading into gameplay footage showing how you can manage her daily life.



Ciel Fledge will come to the Nintendo Switch and PC in Fall 2019.

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