Prinny 2: Dawn of the Great Pantsu War continues bonus storyline in Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero. See Prinny Asagi? In this game you can play as her.


Prinny Asagi mode is a hidden feature in Prinny 2 and it looks like it’s less platformer and more Contra with a stamina bar. You can equip a variety of guns like flamethrowers, shotguns, and a gattling gun. Prinny Asagi has a special set of bosses to fight too – namely other versions of Asagi. 8bit Asagi from Makai Girl, a moe Asagi robot, and Asagi Scharwznature are some of the other incarnations of Asagi you’ll meet. Head over to Dengeki to see pictures of them.


Prinny 2: Dawn of the Great Pantsu War hip pounds into stores on March 25.

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