Prinny Makes An Explosive Debut In Japan’s Mascot Character Grand Prix



Every year, Japan holds a Grand Prix for town/province mascot characters, such as Kumamon who represents Kumamoto. There is a separate category for company mascots as well, and this year the Grand Prix has an unlikely candidate in the form of Prinny, the mascot of Nippon Ichi Software.


Furthermore, Nippon Ichi Software tweeted that depending on the rank that Prinny gets in the Grand Prix, the grander the projects they have planned with Prinny.



The following ranks will have the following rewards:

100th place or above: Prinny LINE Stickers, dood!

80th place or above: Free PS4 theme/avatars, dood!

60th place or above: Super Sale for all Prinny series games, dood!

50th place or above: A Prinny merchandise festival, dood!

40th place or above: A real-size Prinny stuffed doll (around 1 meter) will be made, dood!

30th place or above: A country-wide Prinny tour, dood!

20th place or above: A year’s worth of sardines, dood!

10th place or above: A new Prinny series game, dood!

1st place: Nippon Ichi will make a real Prinny and blow it up.


Voting is done over at this page, but supporters will need to first sign up with an email address, and confirm the email and set a password to login. Votes can be done once a day.


According to the ranking on the website, Prinny’s ranking as of today is between 80th and 100th. Voting will end on November 10 at 6pm JST.

Alistair Wong
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