Nintendo 3DS

Producer Says Dragon Ball Fusions Takes Inspiration From Pokémon And Yo-Kai Watch



With its RPG-like features such as a turn-based battle system, Dragon Ball Fusions breaks the mold on what most people imagine Dragon Ball games to be. When asked why the game took this particular direction, producer Masayuki Hirano told GameReactor that the team behind the game wanted it to appeal to fans of Dragon Ball as well as fans of RPGs like Pokémon and Yo-kai Watch.


Here’s Hirano’s full comment:


“This game was mainly focusing on kids in Japan who liked Dragon Ball, and we noticed that there are a lot of kids who like for example Pokémon or Yo-kai Watch. These adventuring RPG aspects are really loved by kids, so that’s one of the reasons why we decided to create Dragon Ball Fusions. Another thing is that when you talk about a Dragon Ball game, it gives the player an impression that it’s a fighting game, so then we thought is there other ways to enjoy Dragon Ball games, so that’s how we came up with Dragon Ball Fusions.”


Dragon Ball Fusions will release in North America on December 13 and February 2017 in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS.