Producer Tak Fujii Leaves Konami



Konami just got a bit less extreeeeme, now that longtime producer Tak Fujii just announced his departure from the company where he worked for the past 20 years. He shared a little message on Twitter about his departure.


Tak Fujii hasn’t been as active in recent years, with Frogger 3D as one of his latest titles he’s worked on, he worked as producer for various games such as N3: Ninety Nine Nights II, Blades of Time, and No More Heroes on PlayStation 3.


While he may not have been as popular as Konami’s Hideo Kojima, and other developers, Fujii has always been well-liked by fans for his charming personality, and the enthusiasm he shared with those around him.


He also spoke with Siliconera a few years ago about bringing Japanese games overseas, and also shared his thoughts on smartphone games… and let’s just say he was never a big fan of them.


Fujii hasn’t mentioned whether he’ll retire from the business or has new plans of his own, but don’t worry, he’ll be up to his usual shenanigans on Twitter, and is on there right now jokingly begging and yelling for you all to not leave just yet.

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