Project 575 PS Vita Game Rhythm Coming In January 2014



Back in July, Sega announced their voice synthesizing iOS app Song Composer 575 and PS Vita game Song Builder 575 as part of Project 575, which Sega teased for an entire month. Although the iOS app has been available in Japan since July 26, Sega has just announced that Song Builder 575 will be released on January 23.


Song Builder 575 is described as a “song building action game” with elements of a rhythm game and a word puzzle game. As a song plays, the lyrics will be displayed onscreen, and you will tap the touch screen to the rhythm and also fill in blanks.


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The game will also have a story centered around the heroines Azuki and Matcha. When Azuki is tired of her normal life, she becomes inspired to use the 5-7-5 pattern of haiku to create songs, perform them with her friend Matcha, and upload them on their own website.


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The game will also come in a limited edition package that includes a PS Vita pouch shaped like a school bag, a card case shaped like a student handbook, two cell phone straps, and Azuki’s and Matcha’s student IDs.


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People who pre-order the game will also get an art booklet and a CD with three songs.

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