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Project Judge Goes Over The Gameplay Systems Essential To Solving Cases


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Sega released more information on Project Judge this week that goes over the essential skills needed to track down culprits and solve cases. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Search Mode

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Search Mode is an important Detective Action that is needed when you’re searching for people or clues. Using a first-person perspective, point the cursor to suspicious-looking people or objects, in order get clues or hints for the case.



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During cases, you’ll need to tail people without them noticing. You can tell whether they suspect somebody is following them by the Alert Gauge on the top of the screen. If you do anything that stands out or is suspicious, it’ll go up, and you’ll fail.


You must keep a certain distance without losing sight of them, and use the many cover points to your advantage.



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You must dodge past the crowd and through the obstacles your target throws at you, and chase them down.



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You’ll need to find out information from various people throughout the investigation. To do so, you need to control the flow of the conversation, and lead the target to expose the information you need.


Even if you choose the wrong answers, the game will carry on, but by choosing the best answers in a row, you get a chain bonus, and will earn more SP needed to increase your capabilities.


Presenting evidence

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While confronting people who are bluffing or lying, you’ll need to prevent evidence according to the situation. By confronting them head-on, you might get the truth, or be able to persuade them to help with the investigation.


Scoop Mission

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While doing miscellaneous missions on cheating and other small cases, you use your smartphone to take photos. Depending on whether your picture fulfills the criteria needed to present it as evidence, you’ll succeed or fail. Furthermore, you get bonus SP for getting the angle, zoom, and timing perfect.



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When picking doors to enter buildings or rooms, you’ll need to open various locks through lockpicking, or solving the code number for number locks, and more.



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You’ll need to disguise yourself in various looks as you progress through the game, such as pretending to be a security guard, or as specific individuals, in order to enter buildings.


Project Judge launches in Japan, Asia, and South Korea on December 13, 2018 for PlayStation 4. The game launches in the West in 2019. Check out our previous report on the length of the game here.

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