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Project Judge Introduces More Members Of The Tojo Clan Branch Group Matsugane Family


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Apart from introducing the basics of combat, Sega have also introduced more of the story that occurs after what is seen in the demo, as well as several characters who are part of the Matsugane Family branch of the Tojo Clan. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]



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After retrieving debt money from the detective (shown in the demo), Yagami and Shouji have completed their request, but it still isn’t enough to keep even a small detective agency like theirs open for long.


Without much of a choice, he heads back to the Genda Law Offices, where he might be able to pick up another case or two. It pains Yagami to have to keep relying on his old mentor during his lawyer days, Ryuzou Genda.


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On the way, Yagami stops by a convenience store to pick up some food to bring Genda, but is stopped by ruffians on the way out. They won’t leave him alone, so Yagami has to fend them off.


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At this point, a certain yakuza-looking guy shows up, putting a stop to the fight. It’s Kyouhei Hamura, a man from the Matsugane Family. He tells off the thugs for fighting Yagami, who’s like a son to the head of the family.


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Within the Tojo Clan and its associated branches, the Matsugane Family are small fry. They’re not a big family, but as they are based in Kamurocho, Yagami sees them around the block often.


Due to past incidents, Yagami and Hamura don’t get along well. He’s somebody Yagami tries to avoid as much as possible. Meanwhile, Hamura finds Yagami annoying, thanks to how close he and Shouji are to the family head.


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Yagami hands the remaining money taken off the detective to Hamura, and Hamura asks him how long Shouji plans on staying in town, despite being banished from the group. He’ll leave them alone so long as they stay in the leader’s good graces.


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Hamura then leaves with his men, and Yagami doesn’t even look towards them. Yagami is actually about to meet with Hamura again very soon, but in a manner he won’t expect.


However, that shocking incident, one that starts Yagami on a path to the bottom of a dark, swirling conspiracy, is something that could not possibly have been foreseen.



Mitsugi Matsugane (Actor: Tomomichi Nishimura)

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The head of the Matsugane Family. He’s a friendly aged man who especially dotes on Yagami. After Yagami decided to pursue the path of a lawyer, Matsugane watched his back as if he was his own son.


He’s a bit too soft as a yakuza family head, meaning he’s unable to control Hamura, and is practically living the life of a hermit currently.


Tooru Azuma (Actor: Yoshihisa Kawahara)

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A Matsugane Family lackey, who used to look up to Shouji, and called him “aniki”. However, after Shouji’s exile, he’s been making his own presence known within the Matsugane Family, thanks to Hamura’s influence.


Higashi, the Charles employee (Actor: MCU)

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An underling in the Matsugane family who’s working at an arcade called ‘Charles’, which run by the family.


Project Judge launches in Japan, Asia, and South Korea on December 13, 2018 for PlayStation 4. Check out more info on the two styles of combat featured in Project Judge here.

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