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Project Judge Once-Overs Every Facility In The Game


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Sega has released a batch of screenshots alongside details of every facility you can enter in the game, including Yagami Detective Agency, Genda Law Offices, and even the classic batting centre in Kamurocho. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Yagami Detective Agency

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A small detective agency found in a back alley off Chudo-dori. They take requests to investigate cheating, missing people, and more.


Genda Law Offices

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A law firm found on the second floor, which is well-known for having won a “Not Guilty” case. Their aim is to be great partners with their clients, and take upon clients from various fields.


Matsugane Group Offices

facilities 3

On the front, it says ‘Matsugane Co.’, but in reality it’s the offices for the Matsugane branch of the yakuza. They’re small fry within the Tojo Group, but you can still see fierce-looking people walking in and out of the building day in, day out.


Club Amour

facilities 4

A club & bar located on Suppon-dori. Each floor is quite cramped, but the whole building belongs to Club Amour. It’s a cheap place to drink, and quite popular for being able to drink with cute young girls.


Sauna Goten

facilities 5

A sauna facility that uses a Korean style of steam bath. It’s popular with women, and frequented with tired hostesses in the morning.


KJ Art

facilities 6

A building belonging to the Kansai general contractor Kajihira Group. They bought an entire building to support their offices in Kamurocho, which speaks to their wealth and strength. They deal in information on properties that they gather using their private methods, and are well-known for providing their customers with information that suits their needs.


Net Café mantai

facilities 7

A net café chain that operates mainly in the Kanto region. Their catchphrase is, “Have a comfortable little space for yourself!”, and focuses on providing individual rooms for customers. It’s got high spec computers and a large food menu, perfect for those who like to surf the web.


Bar Tender

facilities 8

A bar that’s been around for quite some time, The bar is managed by the manager alone. Because it’s a comfortable space to relax, it brings in a lot of regular customers. Some customers like to discuss their problems with the manager, who’s good at listening and giving advice.


VR Salon Parlor-Dice

facilities 9

A large VR facility where you can play VR Sugoroku. It’s brought in high-tech VR equipment that lets you play various classic games in a new experience.


Drone Racing & Drone Lab

facilities 15 facilities 16

A special space inside the Millennium Tower where people can sign up for the drone racing D League. You can also purchase drone parts at the Drone Lab right next to the counter.


Mahjong “Tachibana”

facilities 10

A new mahjong place in Kamurocho where you can play by special wareme high-risk, high-return rules.


Yoshida Batting Centre

facilities 11

The only batting centre in Kamurocho. It’s got lots of batting machines that offer different difficulties and ball types.


Club Sega Plaza Store

facilities 12

A game centre operated by Sega Entertainment. You can play crane games, Kamuro of the Dead, and more.


Club Sega Chudo-dori Store

facilities 13

A Club Sega store where you can play Fighting Vipers and other arcade games.


Don Quijote

facilities 14

A discount store with a large variety of goods, food, and household supplies. It’s described as “like a jungle” inside. You can buy costumes to disguise yourself with in this store.


Finally, as a reminder, the new demo for Project Judge is now available for Japanese PS Plus subscribers.


Project Judge releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan, South Korea, and Asia on December 13, 2018. The game releases in the West in 2019.

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