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Project LUX Creator On Making Cute VR Characters And World End Economica Inspiration



At PlayStation Experience, Siliconera got a chance to speak with Project LUX creator, Isuna Hasekura, best known as the author of Spice and Wolf, who talked World End Economica and working on VR.


Using the stock market for a setting for a visual novel is pretty unique. What inspired the story of World End Economica?
Isuna Hasekura: The Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy, the big bust in 2008 about that situation I found to be very fascinating. I thought it would be interesting to write a story based on the power of the financial markets to help and save people. As a hobby and enthusiast, I like the concept of stock trading.


What is the name of the book?
Hasekura: In FED We Trust: Ben Bernanke’s War on the Great Panic by David Wessel.


If economics were the theme of World End Economica, what is the theme of Project LUX?
Hasekura: If you were to use that analogy, the theme would be to enter the 2D world. I had an interest in VR and I wanted to explore the concept of immersion.


What can you do in a VR story like Project LUX that you can’t do in a visual novel?
Hasekura: The main thing is the interaction. There is more I wish could have done with interacting with characters, but the one thing I feel I accomplished is Lux (the main character) looks adorable. Being able to see the world around you and the choices that are made, but honestly there is more that could have been done.


What would you like to do with VR if you were to continue Project LUX?
Hasekura: Creating other types of character interactions is not a major objective. If I were to do a sequel to Project LUX creating a VR game I would like to showcase cute, adorable characters like Lux.


What do you hope people will feel after playing all of the episodes in Project LUX?
Hasekura: The first Lux is cute. Of course I would like to hear their thoughts on if the story is good. First, is the character is cute. The second is they enjoyed the story and number three is to understand this not just a game.


Project LUX is available on PC via Early-Access on Steam. The game is also headed to PlayStation VR. World End Economica is also available on Steam.

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