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Project Morpheus Game Challenges You To Walk Between The Twin Towers



Sony has teamed up with IMAX to produce a virtual reality game for Project Morpheus called “Can You Walk The Walk.” It challenges you to recreate Philippe Petit’s famous 1974 walk on a tightrope between the two towers of the World Trade Center.


When you put the virtual reality headset on, you find yourself 1,300 feet in the air with a 140 foot tightrope in front of you that you simply have to walk across. It’s probably the type of virtual reality experience that will make those with acrophobia a little anxious at best, terrified at worse.


The project is actually part of a theatrical marketing campaign for the upcoming film The Walk and is being shown all this week at CineEurope in Barcelona as part of this.


Can You Walk the Walk invites users to try Petit’s walk for themselves – stepping out onto the wire to make Petit’s historic pass between the towers,”  writes Sony. “Petit trained for years to make his ‘coup’ possible; only in Virtual Reality is such a feat possible for the rest of us.”

Chris Priestman