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Project Morpheus Game Godling Turns You Into A Toddler God



Godling was announced for Project Morpheus during Sony’s E3 press conference but now there are more details on it.


First off, yes, it’s a first-person god game. But it turns you into what is deemed a “toddler god.” You awaken in the game’s beautiful, natural world surrounded by grass and fungi and will at first want to learn its wonders and perils. Turns out that one of those perils is you.



It’s up to you how you interact with the world with the powers you’re granted. You can help the world to grow and looking after it or you can decide to watch it all burn by your hand – as you can see in the screenshot above, you’ll have access to matches.


To interact with the world in Godling you’ll use gaze-based navigation in tandem with the DualShock 4 controller. And due to the 120HZ tracking solution that Sony has built into Project Morpheus you’re given a free reign to explore the world as you wish – the creators said that the Morpheus “really brings this feeling of solidity to the experience and convinces us that true non-scripted exploration could be part of a VR experience.”



Goding is being developed by a small Icelandic studio called Sólfar. The studio was founded by S. Reynir Hardarson (co-founder of EVE Online studio CCP), Dr. Kjartan Pierre Emilsson (former lead designer on EVE Online), and Thor Gunnarsson (business developer at CCP).

Chris Priestman