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Project Sakura Wars’ London Combat Revue Is Based Off The Knights Of The Round Table


london combat revue

The monthly Sega livestream for Project Sakura Wars has come and gone, showing us a bit more new gameplay, this time for Hatsuho and Claris, as well as new characters from the London Combat Revue, who have been designed by Sword Art Online character designer BUNBUN (also known as abec).


Here are the full details below:

Main Package Visual

sakura wars main


Hatsuho & Claris’ Combat Outfits

hatsuho claris 1


Hatsuho & Claris’ ‘Mugen’ Spiricle Fighters:

hatsuho claris 2


Hatsuho gameplay:

Hatsuho uses a giant hammer and fire elemental attacks to take down enemies.


Claris Gameplay:

Claris uses a giant mecha-sized tome in order to cast magic spells. Her attacks are pretty suited to fighting giant groups of enemies at once.


Tutorial Battle gameplay:


Official Project Sakura Wars manga announced:

manga sakura wars

During the livestream, an official manga titled Shin Sakura Taisen: the Comic was announced, and will be serialized in Weekly Young Jump on September 12, 2019. The mangaka is Koyuri Noguchi, known for the manga Kenkouki.

The manga is from the viewpoint of Sakura, rather than Kamiyama, so players will be able to see the story from a different light.


Great Imperial Theatrelephant

gekizou 1

An advertising mascot doll that Kamiyama can turn into with a press of a button. As the Special Advertising Head, Kamiyama has a duty to help attract people to the Theatre, as well as collect information while in this guise.


Here’s a look at Sumire letting Kamiyama try it on for the first time:


The Theatrelephant is in fact designed by Ken Sugimori of Pokemon fame from Game Freak, who happens to be a longtime Sega fan.

sugimori 4

According to Sugimori, he was asked to create a mascot character for the Imperial Theatre, and he took into account its cuteness as well as the feel of the Taisho era into account. He hopes that it will live on as a Sega mascot going forward, just like Alex Kidd, Sonic, and Pepparouchau (from Clockwork Knight).


Sega also shared a look at Theatrelephant’s first encounter with Azami (which also happens to be Kamiyama’s first encounter with Azami):


London Imperial Revue: Knights of the Round Table

Here’s a look at the Knights of the Round Table’s introductory scene:

As sharp-eyed people might be able to tell, the two London Combat Revue members, Arthur and Lancelot, have been designed by BUNBUN (abec) of Sword Art Online fame.


Arthur (CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki)

arthur 1

An English knight who iss born of noble birth, and has succeeded the family heirloom Excalibur. His title, Arthur, is also derived from name that has been passed down alongside the holy sword. He’s a young man of chivalrous spirit, and acts in a righteous manner.  While his normal serious demeanor of an English gentleman has many ladies smitten, it’s like a switch is flipped when he enters battle – he becomes quite overbearing and aggressive.

Arthur is actually a guitar player in a band, but according to the producer of Project Sakura Wars, sadly this will remain just a background detail in the game itself.


Lancelot (CV: Manami Numakura)


A courageous but brash girl who’s always picking a fight, and helps lead the charge within the London Combat Revue. Her fierce dual-wielded sword techniques are quite distinctive, and she’s also known as the Black Knight thanks to her black coat. She’s quite cheery and upbeat, and doesn’t really think too deeply into things. She has a wild side to her thanks to her self-training, and also a pure innocence about her, and is overall the type to act first before thinking.

She’s something of a rival character to Sakura.




The name of the London Combat Revue’s Spiricle Fighters. Incidentally, the K.R. in the emblem stands for Knights of the Round Table.



According to BUNBUN, he was happy but also nervous at joining a project like Sakura Wars which was beloved by many fans, and is looking forward to the final product alongside everyone else.


Finally, the producer revealed that the Berlin Combat Revue will be introduced next month at TGS 2019.


You can watch the full livestream below:


Project Sakura Wars releases in Japan on December 12, 2019 for PlayStation 4. The game will release in North America and Europe in Spring 2020.

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