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Project Sekai feat. Hatsune Miku Introduces Vivid BAD SQUAD and 25-ji, Nightcord de [Update]

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Project Sekai feat. Hatsune Miku has been introducing the five entertainer groups that will meet up with the Crypton Vocaloids. Over the past two weeks, we’ve gotten an introduction to the last two groups, Vivid BAD SQUAD and 25-ji, Nightcord de. Like the other human groups, they start off in Shibuya, but end up accidentally entering the Sekai realm. Each encounters a different version of Hatsune Miku and other Vocaloids, depending on their aesthetic.

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Vivid BAD SQUAD (Street)

Vivid BAD SQUAD is a street performer group consisting of Asato Shinonome (CV: Fumiya Imai), An Shiraishi (CV: Tomomi Jiena Sumi), Kohane Azusawa (CV: Akina), and Touya Aoyagi (CV: Kento Itou). They’re a group of individuals from different backgrounds, and while each of them have their own motivations, right now they’re working together to be the next ones to hold a legendary street live. Kohane wants to change her shy self to be more outgoing, An is a talented singer who’s looking for partners to overcome a legend, Asato is a boy who performs seriously with no tolerance for half-heartedness, and Touya is a boy from a famous family who’s performing on the streets as an act of rebellion against classical music.

In their version of Sekai, they’ll work together with Miku, Meiko, and Len.

Rettou Joutou


25-ji, Nightcord de (Underground)

This is an underground music group led by Kanade Yoisaki (CV: Tomori Kusunoki), a lone wolf girl who continues to compose songs due to a past trauma. She’s joined by Mafuyu Asahina (CV: Rui Tanabe), an honor student who appears perfect on the surface; Ena Shinonome (CV: Minori Suzuki), an artist who constantly posts selfies seeking approval from others; and Mizuki Akiyama (CV: Hinata Satou), a free spirit who’s focused on “cuteness”. The four of them meet up every night at 1am (ie 25:00) on the Nightcord chat program, compose their part of the music separately, and have never seen each other in person, but this changes when they all wander into their group’s own version of Sekai.

In their ‘Sekai’, they meet rather different, somber Hatsune Miku.

Jishou Mushoku


You can read about the previous three groups, Leo/need, More More Jump!, and Wonderlands x Showtime here.

Project Sekai feat. Hatsune Miku is in development for Apple iOS and Android devices. Pre-registration will begin in late April 2020.

Update: Pre-registration for the game has been delayed due to the coronavirus.

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