Project Starship Revives Retro Arcade Bullet Hell With A Demo


Project Starship has scanlines, space, and a ridiculous number of bullets. It also has a demo for Windows that you can download on


It’s a retro-style arcade bullet hell shooter. You play one of the heroes of humanity (there are two of them) who heads into the realm of Cthulhu in a starship.


Your mission is to defeat the monster so that humanity may head back to Earth after it drove them away. This involves defeating 19 bosses and 20 different types of minion with a combination of pixel-perfect dodging and hectic shooting.


But you don’t have to do it alone, as Project Starship features local multiplayer providing that you have two controllers that you can hook up to your PC.


You can vote for Project Starship on Steam Greenlight if you are so inclined – make sure to check out the demo too.

Chris Priestman