Project X Zone 2 unites characters from Resident Evil, Yakuza: Dead Souls, and .hack for another strategy RPG developed by Monolith Soft. Screenshots from the Japanese version show Strider teaming up with Hotsuma from the Shinobi reboot on PS2, two friends from Tales of Vesperia teaming up, and a union between Haseo from .hack//G.U. and Kite from the .hack series.


Project X Zone 2 is slated for a worldwide release in fall 2015 on Nintendo 3DS.


PxZ-_0037_Layer-13 PxZ-_0036_Layer-14 PxZ-_0021_Layer-29 PxZ-_0022_Layer-28 PxZ-_0020_Layer-30 PxZ-_0023_Layer-27 PxZ-_0035_Layer-15 PxZ-_0034_Layer-16 PxZ-_0033_Layer-17 PxZ-_0032_Layer-18 PxZ-_0031_Layer-19 PxZ-_0030_Layer-20 PxZ-_0029_Layer-21 PxZ-_0028_Layer-22 PxZ-_0027_Layer-23 PxZ-_0026_Layer-24 PxZ-_0024_Layer-26 PxZ-_0049_Layer-1 PxZ-_0048_Layer-2 PxZ-_0047_Layer-3 PxZ-_0046_Layer-4 PxZ-_0045_Layer-5 PxZ-_0044_Layer-6 PxZ-_0043_Layer-7 PxZ-_0042_Layer-8 PxZ-_0041_Layer-9 PxZ-_0040_Layer-10 PxZ-_0039_Layer-11 PxZ-_0038_Layer-12 PxZ-_0019_Layer-31 PxZ-_0018_Layer-32 PxZ-_0017_Layer-33 PxZ-_0016_Layer-34 PxZ-_0015_Layer-35 PxZ-_0014_Layer-36 PxZ-_0013_Layer-37 PxZ-_0012_Layer-38 PxZ-_0011_Layer-39 PxZ-_0010_Layer-40 PxZ-_0009_Layer-41 PxZ-_0008_Layer-42 PxZ-_0007_Layer-43 PxZ-_0006_Layer-44 PxZ-_0005_Layer-45 PxZ-_0004_Layer-46 PxZ-_0003_Layer-47 PxZ-_0002_Layer-48 PxZ-_0001_Layer-49 PxZ-_0000_Layer-50

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