Nintendo 3DS

Project X Zone 2 Will Have Better Combat, But The Producer Won’t Say How


Siliconera had a chance to catch up with Project X Zone 2 producer Kensuke Tsukanaka yesterday at E3. When asked about how the battle system has changed since the first, he replied:


“We haven’t officially announced this yet, but, we are going to include some new elements to the existing battle system. We actually took it out of the hands-on demo here at E3, but, we’ll be announcing it soon! We know it’ll add more depth to the battle system.”


Project X Zone 2 uses a smoother version of the combat system that debuted in its predecessor, where players use a combination of the A Button and the Circle Pad to input commands and execute tight combos. When asked If they were adding additional commands, Tsukanaka declined to comment on specific details, insisting: “whatever it is, it’ll add depth!”


Stay tuned for a full interview with Kensuke Tsukanaka.