Properly Creating And Corralling For Largos In Slime Rancher


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Last time we talked about Slime Rancher, we went over the basic slimes you’ll find in the game. If you really want to make money, though, you might want to start raising some Largos. These are larger than average slimes that combine traits of two different slimes. This means they produce two different kinds of plorts, one from each of the original slimes’ types. Double the output is incredibly tempting, but raising Largos can be a little inconvenient, dangerous, and expensive.


Making a Largo is easy. It just needs to eat a plort from one other kind of slime. So feeding a Pink Slime plort to a Tabby Slime will create a Pink Tabby Largo. It’s easy enough for this to happen. Slimes love to eat plorts. (Especially honey plorts!) And having lots of Largos will make feeding time easier on you, because you can start focusing on certain kinds of foods. Their favorites will be the two favorites of the previous breeds. So a Rock Tabby Slime would love Heart Beets and Stony Hens best. Feeding them either of those foods would get you four plorts, instead of two.


At this point in Slime Rancher, you can create Pink Rock, Pink Tabby, Pink Phosphor, Pink Honey, Pink Boom, Rock Tabby, Rock Phosphor, Rock Honey, Rock Boom, Tabby Phosphor, Tabby Honey, Tabby Boom, Phosphor Honey, Phosphor Boom, and Honey Boom Largos. Puddle Slimes can’t be part of any Largo build, due to their unique nature. They have to live in ponds, and other slimes’ plorts will dissolve if placed in one. As for their plorts, putting one outside of the Vacpack will make it dissolve.


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The thing about Largos is, you have to be careful. You can’t let a Largo escape into an area with other slimes, because that’s how the Tarr shows up in the game. A Tarr is a slime that has eaten two different kinds of plorts. It’s violent, will attack and destroy your slimes and ranch facilities and, if you get too close without being prepared to suck it up or shoot water at it, you. This means any and all Largos must be properly contained. You also don’t want to create one unless it is in a corral, because you can’t suck it up in the Vacpack like a normal slime. It’ll stick to the nozzle, meaning you could only move one at a time.


Which brings us to the expensive part of Slime Rancher Largo care. Think of it as spending money to make money. These guys like to bounce and they’re bigger than regular slimes. If you’re dealing with a Pink Phosphor, Pink Boom, Rock Phosphor, Rock Boom, Tabby Phosphor, Tabby Boom, Honey Phosphor, Honey Boom Largos, you’re going to be in especially big trouble, because even normal Phosphor and Boom Slimes are difficult to keep in their pens. You’ll need to spend 250 Newbucks for a corral for your new Largos. Then, you’ll need to spend even more money on Higher  Walls and an Air Net ceiling to keep them in. If the Largo has Boom Slime in it, a Music Box is a necessity, to keep them calm. And, if it’s part Phosphor Slime, you have to either have the pen in the Grotto or add a Solar Shield, or else they’ll disappear in the daylight.


Having Largos is absolutely worth the trouble, even if you do need to take some precautions to properly prepare your ranch for them. I’d recommend you try raising some after you’ve mastered basic slime care. You can make a lot of money off of more troublesome variations, while also simplifying the kinds of food you might need to grow or provide for your critters.


Slime Rancher is currently in early access for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.

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