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Protect Me Knight 2 Still Bound For Overseas eShops




Back in 2014, Protect Me Knight 2 was released on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. A sequel to an Xbox 360 game of the same name, it was a tower defense title and beat’em up where between one and four players would choose a warrior class character and attempt to continually protect a princess from monsters. In 2014, Ancient said on Twitter that it hoped to release the sequel overseas. The developer has since followed up with an English screenshot and confirmation that a localization is still in the works.


Protect Me Knight is a notable series for three reasons. The first is for its humor. As an example, you’re treated to a rock concert put on by the princess and her rescuers if you beat the first game. Which brings us to its other fine feature, the soundtrack. Yuzo Koshiro, Ancient’s cofounder and composer of music for series like Ys, Etrian Odyssey, Actraiser, and Shenmue. Most importantly is gameplay that stresses teamwork, planning, and sometimes all out abandon in the name of protecting the princess. The Nintendo 3DS sequel offers more of the same, including multiplayer. Only this time, the team of warriors is trying to bring the princess back to her castle.



Protect Me Knight 2 is immediately available on the Japanese eShop for people with Japanese Nintendo 3DS systems.

Jenni Lada
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