Protect McDroid’s Cute Cel-Shaded Robot When It Arrives On PS4 In Early 2016

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Cel-shaded action-strategy game McDroid is heading to PlayStation 4 in early 2016. It’s been available on Steam since September 2014.


You play as the titular robot as it crash lands on Planet M and discovers that it has been completely ravaged. To get out of there, McDroid needs to defend against waves of enemies, restore power to its ship, and heal the planet.


Aside from its friendly visuals, McDroid’s main feature is its blend of real-time action and tower defense-style strategy. You can build lasers, rocket launchers, and tesla cannons and have the choice of placing them as turrets of putting them on McDroid’s back.


Crucial to progression is planting and harvesting resources, finding blueprints to build new weapons, and recruiting side-kicks to help you beat back the baddies.

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