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PS Vita Version Of 99 Bricks Cancelled, Becomes Tricky Towers For PS4


Indie studio WeirdBeard has announced Tricky Towers for PlayStation 4. It’s a multiplayer, physics-based tower building game.


The idea is to build a bigger and better tower than your opponent out of tetrominoes faster than they can,while being careful to ensure it doesn’t topple. During the competition, as you’re wizards, you can use spells to enhance your own tower or to mess up the other person’s – it’s a decision you’ll have to make.


This is offered in local and online multiplayer with up to four players in Race, Survival, and other modes. It’ll also have a single player mode so you can brush up your tower-building skills.


Tricky Towers is based on the original 2008 Kongregate game 99 Bricks. Since then, the series has evolved with a spin-off that gave you specific challenges while building a tower, and has also come to mobile.


A PlayStation Vita version of 99 Bricks was previously in development but WeirdBeard cancelled that in favor of creating Tricky Towers for PS4.

Chris Priestman