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PS Vita Version Of Nom Nom Galaxy Pushed Back To Focus On PS4 Version



Double Eleven announced that the PlayStation 4 version of Q-Games’s Nom Nom Galaxy would be coming out on May 12th. What wasn’t initially mentioned by the studio was what happened to the previously announced PlayStation Vita version of the game. Turns out it has pushed back—maybe even cancelled.


Gareth Wright, the design manager at Double Eleven, explained on the PlayStation Blog that the PS Vita version was dropped so the studio could “focus on providing the best possible console experience on PS4 without sacrificing the game’s ambition and content.”


“It came down to cost and scheduling both platforms, and without cutting a ton of core features (on both platforms) the Vita just wasn’t going to be possible at the same time,” Wright continued. “We’ve been working with the Vita since 2010 and it’s how we made our real start as a developer, so this wasn’t an easy decision for us. We love Vita as much as you all. Never say never.”


Perhaps it could happen in the future, then, but don’t expect a PS Vita version of Nom Nom Galaxy for a while, at least. If you didn’t know, Nom Nom Galaxy combines a bunch of genres into a big effort toward creating soup factories in space with friends and then delivering soup around the galaxy.

Chris Priestman