PS1 Visuals Enhance The Unsettling World Of Banned Memories: Yamanashi



Four teachers committed terrible crimes at Yamanashi Academy. Once they were discovered and the academy was closed, they all died soon after. Only Hideo survived, and now, he finds himself drawn back to the cursed school in Banned Memories: Yamanashi.




Players will have to make their way through the twisting, surreal halls of the academy to find four keys to escape in Banned Memories: Yamanashi. Bizarre creatures will stand in their way, though, and players will need to use guns and melee weapons to keep them at bay. They’ll also have to solve strange puzzles throughout the game.


Banned Memories: Yamanashi draws heavy inspiration from Silent Hill, using a similar visual style, fixed camera angles, and even going so far as to try to find a PS1 dev kit, a Net Yaroze, to develop the game for the system. In the meantime, it is development for PC.




An old demo is available for players who wish to start unravelling Hideo’s story now, and who wish to see the school the sun no longer shines upon. Banned Memories: Yamanashi has no set release date at this time.

Alistair Wong
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