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PS4 And Project Morpheus Getting Monster Head Puzzler GNOG



KO-OP Mode has announced that it’s bringing its wondrous monster head puzzler GNOG to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation’s virtual reality headset Project Morpheus in 2016.


The idea of the game is to manipulate the unique heads of monsters to solve the puzzle attached to them. “Each monster has its own personality, and a micro-world on its opposite side — you flip back and forth between these two sides, interacting with both and watching how they react.” explains KO-OP Mode.


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The four-person team said that the idea is to create a realm of play and fascination in this strange universe of monster heads. Starting out with a 2D platformer and eventually moving the concept into 3D, GNOG has gone through many transformations over the past couple of years, taking equal inspiration from games such as Windosill and FEZ to childhood toys like Polly Pocket and Mighty Max.


Due to its magical blend of puzzles, adventures, art, and music, GNOG has attracted both the Sony Pub Fund program and the Double Fine Presents label to help fund and publish the game.

Chris Priestman