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PS5 Controller Can Update on PC Without Connecting to Console

PS5 Controller PC Update

Sony announced that consumers no longer need to connect their PlayStation 5 controllers to the console in order to update the firmware. Instead, consumers can update their PS5 controllers through the use of a PC with a firmware update app. However, users will need to have Windows 10 or Windows 11 in order to apply updates to their controllers. After downloading and installing the app, consumers can connect the PS5 controllers to their PC to apply firmware updates. Sony has provided further instructions through a webpage dedicated to this update.

Sony mentions that only one controller can be updated at a time. Each controller will need to be connected individually in order to apply the update. Additionally, it states that the computer should not be turned off during this process. The application will alert users once the firmware update has been applied successfully. Users may also need to download additional software through the application.

In February 2022, Sony announced that sales for the PlayStation 5 had reached 17.2 million units worldwide. Despite this, Sony has lowered its expected revenue for its Game and Service forecast. This is due to the ongoing chip shortage and the low number of consoles the company is able to produce. However, Sony will continue to try and meet the demand for the PlayStation 5.

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